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Increase water flow through hydrofracturing

A procedure designed to increase the amount of water in existing dry and low yield water wells

Hydrofracturing is a well development process that involves injecting water under high pressure into a bedrock formation via the well. This is intended to increase the size and extent of existing bedrock fractures, pumping water into those fractures at pressures as high as 3000 psi and flow rates as high as 85 gallons per minute, this cleans out the fractures and allows them to interconnect with nearby water bearing fractures. Water can then flow back thru these fractures and into the well at a faster rate than before.

Process Water

It is extremely important that only clean, disinfected water is used for injection water because of the extreme pressures involved and the potential for forcing contaminant deep into the bed rock aquifer. Mayer’s Well Drilling will use only clean potable water from our own water well. We will use around 3000 gallons on a single frac job and up to 10,000 gallons on a Zone frac job.


Yield Testing

When successful, hydrofracturing can produce modest well yield increases. However, depending on the original yield of the well, a modestly increased yield may represent a significant increase if the original yield was very low. Atypical well yield rate after hydrofracturing is 1/2 to 5 gallons per minute though occasionally large increases in well recovery rater are realized. Due to geologic conditions, in some instances hydrofracturing will not increase well yield. Because of the large volumes of water used in the process, Mayer’s Well Drilling recommends waiting a minimum of 48 hours to do a yield test. This allows the bedrock aquifer to reach equilibrium. This will insure a more true test..



Though there is no way to predict exactly what the outcome will be, Mayer’s Well Drilling has generally had a 95% success rate using the Hydrofracturing process in our service area, and would recommend it to well owners that suffer from inadequate water yield.


Making sure water yield is adequate

High-Capacity Water System Installations


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